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Rivendell Ranch

Rising above our dreams with an extension of our hearts!

Rivendell's training program uses classical dressage methods and focuses on teaching the horse to relax, move in balance, and understand what is being asked. We believe in cultivating trust in the horses we work with. We will not rush a horse and allow the horse to tell us when they are ready for the next step in training. We believe this enhances not only performance, but the mental and physical well-being of the horses we work with. We place a high priority on teaching desirable ground manners, and producing a calm and willing attitude in the horses we work with.
Our goal is to produce for the owner a more enjoyable horse!
Our Training Program
Rivendell's lesson program teaches dressage basics and theory as it applies to enhance any style of riding. Our focus is on building a strong foundation of knowledge, balance, and feel to prepare our riders to advance to higher levels and enable them to get the best out of thier horse. We believe in the use of positive reinforcement for both horse and rider and encourage them to think and work as a team. All riders are treated with respect and given every opportunity to learn no matter what age, level of training, or riding discipline.
Our goal is to educate the rider to bring out the best in the horse!
Our Lesson Program